The intimacy of a private room, the fascination with a building, surface changes of a city in transition, the parallel themes along a street. My work as an artist is informed by the experience and intertwining of narratives around such everyday places. I’m interested in how relationships to places are (trans-)formed and how meaning manifests itself within spaces and places, in both personal and public realms.

It is often through repeated experience, observation, and chance encounters when I begin to recognize, not only the complexity of possible meanings that can reside in these places, but also the potential for place to produce an artistic strategy, giving me a set of questions and formal propositions. My artistic process hovers at this intersection between personal exploration and the research of inherent meanings of sites within a given context.

My work is equally driven by my ongoing exploration into the nature of photographic still and moving imagery. 
An image can become a point of departure where color and haptic qualities equally contribute to the final meaning. At the same time, I’m using different modes of documentation or annotation—photography, video, audio, text—in order to explore the various levels of meanings and narrative potential. 

While the individual layers of my work can be explored autonomously, I’m interested in how potentially divergent leads can inform each other, shift, and redirect our attention and awareness for individual contexts and framings. The spatial and temporal realities, and the implied narratives and aesthetics, do not only point to their potential realities but also to the artistic process of appropriating and re-imagining. Through the orchestration of the materials in the exhibition space, I would like to propose new ways of looking at them.

—Andrea Gohl, 2019

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